Chicago Premiere!
Nov. 5. Part of our first-ever Teen Night, made possible by a generous contribution from Susan and Marc Sacks.

51 minutes. 2014. Director: Marco Carmel. With Joy Rieger, Shir Moreno, Ella Armoni, Omer Dror, Aviv Pinkas, Gilad Mann, Omri Yaron and Tal Elazar. In Hebrew with English subtitles. Genre: Teen Drama

Being a teenage girl is never simple, but changing cultures and continents a whole new level of complication. It’s the world Mika must navigate after returning with her family to Israel after living in L.A. for several years. During summer vacation, she forges a deep friendship with a new neighbor, but just before school starts she’s offered a place in a popular clique. Which friends will she choose?

Mika’s Homecoming