Chicago Premiere!
Nov. 2. Hosted by North Shore Congregation Israel.
Nov. 3. Hosted by JNF.

105 minutes. 2013. Director: Avraham Kushnir. With Baruch Brenner (Brothers), Daniella Kertesz (World
War Z) and Israeli film icon Yehoram Gaon. In Hebrew, French and German with English subtitles. Genres: Historical Drama, LGBTQ

Official selection Los Angeles and London Jewish Festivals.

A fictionalized account of real events. Upon his return from a trip to a concentration camp in the 1950’s, David Ben Gurion gives an order to develop Israel’s nuclear option as an insurance policy for the surviving Jewish people. Over the course of several years, in France and Israel, the scientists forge ahead, amidst great soul searching, unrequited love and international intrigue.

Passionate performances

Operation Sunflower