Chicago Premiere!
Nov. 5., Part of our first-ever Teen Night, made possible by a generous contribution from Susan and Marc Sacks.
Nov. 9., Hosted by FIDF.
Special appearance by co-producer David Coleman at both screenings!

60 minutes. 2014. Director: Wayne Kopping. Music by Grammy Award-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari. In Hebrew with English subtitles. Genre: Documentary.

While their counterparts in the United States are enrolling in college after high school, Israeli teenagers are drafted into a 2-3 year military service, a rite of passage. Beneath the Helmet goes behind-the-scenes with five of these new recruits, telling their personal stories, sharing their dreams and fears, and demonstrating how they put their lives on the line to protect their families and defend their homeland.

About the Filmaker

David Coleman

David Coleman

David Coleman is co-producer of Beneath The Helmet. He also serves as senior producer and director of distribution for Jerusalem U.
David has been instrumental in devising and implementing distribution strategies for Jerusalem U feature films and developing strategic partnerships with individuals, organizations and festivals to introduce the films to millions of viewers worldwide. David is a filmmaker who brings more than 17 years’ experience in the entertainment and media industry to Jerusalem U. He has worked for some of Hollywood’s leading production companies, including Warner Bros. TV, and has served as producer, director, and distributor on numerous productions shown on networks including PBS and Comcast. His award-winning documentary film, Blindsided, premiered on HBO. David holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign.

Beneath the Helmet