Chicago Premiere!
Nov. 3. With Shadow Branches
Nov. 5. With Mika’s Homecoming. Part of our first-ever Teen Night, made possible by a generous contribution from Susan and Marc Sacks.

25 minutes. 2014. Director: Ayala Sharot. In Hebrew with English subtitles. Genres: Documentary, Oral History, Live Action/Animation, Holocaust

It was the eve of World War II. Michal Richter was 14 years old when she left Poland for a boarding school in Israel, expecting her family to join her. She never saw them again. A lifetime later, at the age of 92, Michal tells her story to her granddaughter, the film’s director. Drawing from conversations, notebooks and diaries Michal kept for more than 80 years, Ayala Sharot visually recreates her grandmother’s memories though a creative mixture of media.

Nomination, Best Documentary, Krakow International Film Festival

Broken Branches