Chicago Premiere!

Sunday | October 28 | 2:00 pm

At the ArcLight Cinemas in The Glen, Glenview.

Documentary. 72 Minutes.
In English, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

Synopsis: Today it is a little difficult to imagine a nice Jewish girl being crowned Miss Baghdad, but in 1947, Jews were government ministers, military officers, prominent businesspeople, bankers, merchants, court musicians…and were invited to—and threw—the best parties. In fact, they had lived, flourished and contributed to life in the city for over 2,600 years (think Babylonian Talmud).  By 1948, the year Israel was established, the situation had dramatically changed.  Filmmaker Fiona Murphy’s intimate interviews, use of extensive personal and news archives, as well as footage from Iraq today, reveal the little-known, but fascinating backstory of the disintegration of peaceful coexistence.

Director:  Fiona Murphy

Remember Baghdad