Wednesday | November 9 | 8:15 pm
A special evening of Films By & About Women presentation.
Q & A with Israeli film author Amy Kronish.
Hosted by Israel Bonds, Hadassah, ORT and Na’Amat

Documentary. 2010. 50 min. Directed by Nir Bergman (Yona, Intimate Grammar, Broken Wings). In Hebrew and French with English subtitles.

With charming candor and sincerity, the world-renowned actress, writer and director Ronit Elkabetz, who worked in France as well as Israel and died in April of this year at age 51, shares her personal life story of theater, film, family, childhood and future aspirations. Last year, the Festival screened Ms. Elkabetz’ Gett trilogy (To Take a Wife, Shiva and Gett) in one evening.

Amy Kronish

Amy Kronish lectures and writes widely on film and is the author of two books on Israeli film: World Cinema: Israel (1996) and Israeli Film – A Reference Guide (2003). Born and bred in the United States, she has an M.A. in Communications from N.Y.U. (1973), and has lived in Jerusalem since 1979.

Ronit Elkabetz: A Stranger in Paris