Chicago Premiere!

Wednesday | November 2 | 6:00 pm
With the Israeli Michael Jordan, Tamir Goodman

Saturday | November 5 | 7:30 pm
With Israeli basketball legend Tal Brody and director Dani Menkin

Documentary. 2016. 90 min. Directed by Dani Menkin.

In Hebrew and English with English subtitles.

It’s 1977. Memories of the Yom Kippur War are still fresh, and The Cold War a dark, constant presence with no diplomatic ties between Israel and the Soviet Union. So, when the powerhouse Soviet team is matched up against Maccabi Tel Aviv for the European Championship, Israel holds its breath and hopes against impossible odds. The new film takes its name from the unforgettable, triumphant after-game quote by Tal Brody, the captain of that team and an Israeli basketball hero, “We are on the map!” With archival footage, interviews with the players and observers like Bill Walton and former NBA Commissioner David Stern, this powerful documentary gives you a court side seat to a watershed moment in Israeli history.

Tamir Goodman in Person
Nov. 2

Basketball star and trailblazer Tamir Goodman, dubbed the “Jewish Jordan” by Sports Illustrated magazine, became the first observant Jew in recent history to reach the highest levels of his sport. Rated among the 25 top high school players in America, he was recruited by Maccabi Tel Aviv and played six pro seasons in Israel for some of the most competitive teams in Europe. Through his basketball clinics, he has coached and motivated over 25,000 kids to excel in the modern world while maintaining a strong Jewish identity.

Tamir GoodmanThe Israeli Michael Jordan

Tal Brody & Dani Menkin in Person
Nov. 5

Tal Brody is a true national hero, and an iconic figure in the world of sports. Born in New Jersey, he played for the University of Illinois as an All-American, All-Big Ten guard. Drafted in 1965 by the NBA, he chose instead to play for Maccabi Tel Aviv, where he remained until 1980. His role in the team’s 1977 European Championship and his famous quote, “We are on the map and we are here to stay, not only in sports but in everything,” lifted the entire country. In 1979, Brody was awarded the Israel Prize. Since 2010, he has been a Goodwill Ambassador of Israel.

Tal BrodyIsraeli Basketball Legend

A documentary filmmaker who wrote, produced and directed 39 Pounds of Love (short listed for the Oscars) and Dolphin Boy (screened in over 20 countries), Menkin’s first feature, Is That You? was nominated for the Ophir Best Film. He is a speaker and film juror at international festivals around the world, as well as a film professor in universities and colleges in Israel and the U.S.

Dani MenkinAward-Winning Director