Chicago Premiere!

Sunday | October 29 | 2:00 pm
Hosted by the IAC.

Wednesday | October 31 | 8:00 pm
Part of our Teen & Family Night.
Both screenings at the ArcLight Cinemas in The Glen, Glenview

Family-Friendly Dramedy. 96 min.
In Hebrew with English subtitles.
Since the sudden loss of his older brother in a car crash, ten- year-old Adam has been struggling at home and failing at school. Neglected by his grief-stricken parents, he is overcome with his own sorrow and guilt, while also confronting the daily torment of class bullies. Everything changes the day Adam meets Abulele, an oversized furry monster of legend that is feared by many, but proves to be a friendly companion to children in need. As Adam and his new best friend outsmart his tormentors at school, the boy’s parents start to suspect their son is harboring a secret. Meantime, an elite special forces team closes in, tasked with capturing the beast. In order to save his best friend, Adam will have to get Abulele back home to its family, and to do so, he will need to put the past behind him and realize that when you truly love someone, you are never really alone. This is a first for Israeli cinema in family-friendly entertainment and state-of-the-art visual effects. Look for a Hollywood remake in the near future

Stars: Yoav Sadian (A Place in Heaven, Shtisel), Bar Minali (Big Bad Wolves, By Summer’s End), Micha Celektar  (The World is Funny, Brothers) and Makram Khoury (Homeland, Magic Men).
Director: Jonathan Geva
Writer: Jonathan Geva
Composer: Haim Frank Ilfman

Awards: Nominated for Ophir Awards for Best Make-Up and Best Music

Vivid, exciting orchestral score by Frank Ilfman for first major Israeli fantasy feature!