CFIC Hosts Special Summer Screening as part of JCC Jewish Film Festival
June 21 Century/CineArts Evanston

108 minutes. 2014. Director: Nissim Dayan. With Daniel Gad, Uri Gavriel (Ballad of the Weeping Spring, The Dark Knight Rises), Makram Khoury (Magic Men) and Mira Awad (Zaytoun). The first-ever film to be made in the distinctive Iraqi-Jewish dialect of Arabic. English subtitles. Genres: HIstorical Drama, Teen

The film is based on the novel by Eli Amir. Narrated by teenage protagonist Kabi, it is the story of the final years of the Baghdad Jewish community in the 1950’s, before they were forced out of Iraq with the entire community of Jews who had lived there for thousands of years.

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