Sunday | November 10 | 11:00 am

Sunday | November 17 | 2:00 pm
Hosted by Temple Chai.

Both screenings at the ArcLight Cinemas in The Glen, Glenview.

Documentary. 88 min.
In Hebrew with English subtitles.

Shortly before her death, Prime Minister Golda Meir was interviewed for Israeli television. The cameras kept rolling after the shoot ended, recording an intimate talk with Israel’s first and only female prime minister. As she smokes one cigarette after another, Golda speaks candidly, defending her five turbulent years in office that secured her place in history at a high personal cost. Based on this never-before-seen interview along with testimonies of supporters, opponents, and rare archival footage, Golda tells the story of Meir’s time in office — from her surprising rise to power and international status as “queen of the Jewish people” to her lonely and tragic demise.

Directors:  Sagi Bornstein, Udi Nir, and Shani Rozanes.