Chicago Premiere!

Wednesday | October 24 | 6:30 pm
Part of our 7th annual evening of Films By & About Women. Hosted by Israel Bonds, Hadassah, ORT, SHALVA and Na’Amat.

Sunday | October 28 | 6:00 pm

Both screenings at the ArcLight Cinemas in The Glen, Glenview.

Dramatic Feature. 82 min.
In Hebrew with English subtitles.

Synopsis: A timely #MeToo film that raises many universal questions, feelings and dilemmas women—and men—are dealing with everywhere today. Oded, a renowned professor, research scientist and father of two sons, is on his way to receive a prestigious award, accompanied by his wife Merav. Unexpectedly, the police call and ask him to stop by to answer a few questions, a request he obliges. It turns out Noa, one of Oded’s most promising graduate students, has accused Oded of sexual misconduct, a charge the police take seriously. As Noa confronts Oded, her mother and Mirav, Oded and Mirav contemplate the lies, omissions and future facing them and their family.

Director:  Arik Lubetsky (Apples from the Desert)
Stars: Tsufit Grant (Operation Sunflower), Shmuel Vilozny (And Then She Arrived),  Liat Akta (Noble Savage), Levana Finkelstein (The Farewell Party) and Shlomi Koriat (Apples from the Desert).