Chicago Premiere!

Sunday | October 21 | 6:00 pm

Sunday | October 28 | 3:30 pm

Both screenings at the ArcLight Cinemas in The Glen, Glenview.

Action Drama. 80 min.
In English, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles. 

Synopsis: A day after the Israeli-Egyptian cease-fire ending the Six Day War, two soldiers—one Israeli, Moti, and one Egyptian, Rashid, are trapped alone in an abandoned UN bunker in the middle of the Sinai Desert. The wounded Rashid is hiding, not knowing the war is over. Moti knows the war is over, but seeks shelter from the blazing sun after his jeep breaks down. In this gripping feature, Moti and Rashid communicate in passable English as they alternatively try to kill each other and flash back to their civilian lives and loves. When it becomes apparent the only way each can survive is by forging an uneasy truce and cooperating, can they rise above the hatred that divides them? Both actors are the sons of soldiers who fought against each other in the Six Day and Yom Kippur wars.

Director:  Mike Burstyn
Stars: Yiftach Klein (Fill the Void) and Sammy Sheik (Homeland, American Sniper).