In addition to our amazing Board of Directors, nearly 100 other faces of the Festival, volunteers, make the success of the CFIC possible by…

  • Participating in pre-Festival training (customer service, safety procedures, film previews)
  • Manning the CFIC booth at summer events (May-September)
  • Distributing Save the Date cards at street fairs (July-September)
  • Distributing printed schedules and posters around Chicagoland (September-October)
  • Stuffing Opening Night invitations (September)
  • Helping to set up on Opening Night (October 20-28)
  • Checking in, greeting guests and/or ushering on Opening Night (October 28)
  • Greeting guests and ushering throughout the remainder of the Festival (October 29-November 9)
  • Spreading the word about the Festival through social media and word of mouth (now-November 9)

 If you’re a reliable, motivated doer and people-person who is passionate about Israel and film, we’d love to connect with you!